Monday, October 06, 2008

Leap of f...aith

During a recent statewide radio interview in which I promoted PEAK and home education, I tripped over a completely innocuous phrase. And when I say tripped, I mean that I said (in regards to homeschooling through the fear of failure), "It is a leap of f...

[L-O-N-G, three-second pause during which I thought, "Faith?? You can't say that. PEAK is inclusive and you're not exactly the patron saint of home education. Don't panic. Just pick another word, but make sure it starts with an F since you already made that sound. C'mon, hurry up! ...oh great, you've waited too long and the silence has drawn more attention to your inability to utter the word faith. Now you *have* to say it. ...say it... SAAAY IIIT!" ]"

The host, Gene Edwards, completed the sentence for me.


Tomorrow's post: What's a nice, secular girl like you doing in an inclusive group like this?

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