Thursday, March 27, 2008

CA Homeschool Ruling Vacated!

...and couldn't we all use a vacation? From Pacific Justice Institute:

Subject: Special Bulletin: Homeschool Ruling Vacated; Court Will Reconsider
Pacific Justice Institute has just received word that the court ruling which declared most forms of homeschooling unlawful in California has been vacated. This means the Rachel L. decision, which has sparked a nationwide uproar, will not go into effect as it is currently written. The Second District Court of Appeal has instead decided to re-hear the case, with a new round of briefings due in late April. It would likely take the court several additional months to schedule oral argument and issue another decision.
Today's announcement by the court that it will re-hear the case reinforces PJI's position that homeschooling families should continue their current programs without fear of governmental interference. PJI will be actively involved in the upcoming briefs and will continue to post updates and special bulletins on this vital issue.
Brad Dacus, president of Pacific Justice Institute, commented, "We are pleased that the Court of Appeal has decided to re-hear the Rachel L. case, and we are hopeful that the fundamental rights of these parents, our clients Sunland Christian School, and the tens of thousands of homeschooling families in California will be honored. Homeschooling parents should be treated as heroes-not hunted down or harassed by their own government."
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Monday, March 10, 2008


Have you heard?? Home education in California is not only illegal, it has been added to the list of seven eight deadly sins! God herself came down from a mountain with an 11th commandment against it. CA homeschoolers are even moving to Germany where they can homeschool in peace!

OK, not really. But I'm sure by now you've heard about the CA court of appeals ruling against a homeschooling family accused of child neglect and abuse (by one of their own children).

Before you get all panicky, please read the following for perspective (and don't sign any damn petitions, unless you are one of those easily entertained people who likes to feel useful even when you're not being useful).

Homeschooling in CA is still legal.

The MSM is largely misinformed.

Alarmists with agendas are calling for unnecessary action.

But don't panic.

CA homeschoolers and their capable partners are handling it.

Now, you are free to find another cause to champion.

Monday, March 03, 2008

Seek help for your body

That's what it said on the package of soap in my hotel room shower this weekend. I would have complained to management, but upon closer inspection I realized that it said something else.

Even my sub-conscience is passive aggressive.