Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Surrounded by beauty

Every weekend, I enjoy working in the yard. It takes a lot of effort just to maintain (and that doesn't include clearing or relandscaping the neglected parts...we haven't even started that yet). Fortunately, motivation comes easily. It is such a peaceful setting.

NE quarter of backyard as seen from balcony (above).

Ross Barnett Reservoir just across the street (above).

NW view of the street from balcony (above).
The reservoir is just beyond the trees.

SW view of intersection from balcony (above)

Azaleas in side yard (above). They remind me of spring in New Orleans.
There are equally beautiful white azaleas in the front yard.

Concealed brick path and birdbath along side yard (above). The yard was a big selling point when we originally looked at the house. To the right (unseen) is a bare, brick courtyard. It has tremendous potential.

Jack and Katie playing basketball in the backyard (above). The object of the game is to get the shot off before Dagny rides into the "Rebound Danger Zone". So far, she hasn't been bonked in the head. But it keeps things interesting.

"Missed me again!"


Ron R said...

I see colours other than white, grey & brown. Now you've done it. ;) I'm longing for work in the yard season.

Alasandra said...

It's beautiful Natalie, so glad you are enjoying your new home.

Elphaba_Rising said...

Your yard is beautiful!! We (and by we I mean Michael) planted four crepe myrtles (who won't sue me if I spelled them wrong) along the walkway in the back, one in the middle of the "alien landing strip" (read: the place where the people who lived here prior left an above ground pool to rot..ew), and spider lily bulbs I'm hoping the squirrels will leave alone. My azaelas aren't as pretty as yours.

Elphaba_Rising said...

And do not let me be the one to forget to compliment you on your beautiful children as well. ;)

Scared_silly said...

Why are you posting picks of you kids were any one can see them?

Natalie said...

None of your damn business.

sillypants said...

Call me loopy but, I just did a google search of "dagny blog" and yours came up ! Perhaps I am on some crazy search of all the other "dagny bloggers" in the world to unite :) Glad to see all of the Ayn Rand ads on your side bar !!