Thursday, November 02, 2006

House Haunting

Guess what...We just made an offer on a house!

On Tuesday night, we did tricks or treats with a good friend (She's a homeschooler and hosts our local drama group). She and I along with her husband (a professional clown) and about half a dozen kids piled into the Inky van. Katie was a pirate (only because we couldn't find a Violet Parr/Incredibles costume in time due to all the house chaos). Dagny was Snow White, and I was the Evil Queen.

Anywho, while we were combing the neighborhood for snacks, we saw several homes for sale. I was there for the candy, though, and not interested in looking at houses. Then, we came upon a beautiful home with a lovely yard. A wrought iron balcony runs the length of the second floor, and it made me think of New Orleans. Evil Queen or no, I had to ask about this house (Can you imagine? "Trick or Treat! So...uh...what's the square-footage of this house? How old is the roof? Have any foundation problems? Thanks for the candy!").

The next day, I toured the house with our realtor. It is 32 years old and 70's galore on the inside, but some of it is kitchy enough to keep. Besides, cosmetic stuff is the easiest to change (yes, let the rationalization begin!). The kitchen is especially dated, althought the buttery-yellow double ovens and cooktop are almost charming. Overall, the house is in excellent shape. I was encouraged by the fact that the original owner--who died recently--was the builder and designed the house as a permanent home for his family. It's solid--over 30 years old and no foundation problems (I wish I could say the same--you know, for ME.). You can tell that this house has been well taken care of and thoroughly loved. Even the furry gold shag upstairs looks great!

Since I was worried that the retro-fabulousness of the house would turn Jack off completely, I pointed out that this was the largest house on the largest lot AND the lowest priced that we had looked at so far (and we've looked at about a dozen homes). I also told him that, unlike the newly constructed homes we've seen in the last week, this one is conducive to entertaining (which is important to us).

We just got back from looking at the house together, and he really liked it. We put in a reasonable offer. Now, we get to wait and see.

Isn't it amazing what one can find while trick-or-treating??