Monday, July 03, 2006

Big Lizards

I don't generally get political in this space, but I have to share: I love this blog. Here is a recent example to demonstrate why (and another). Not only do I agree with most of what he says, Dafydd uses just the right balance of snark and commentary with gratuitous references and quotes. Granted, the posts are long and cover material that one can't mindlessly breeze through while sipping coffee. At least I can't. That's why I usually wait and catch up with him (them, it's a group blog) on the weekends.

Here are some other political/economic/news blogs I read (some I like, some I hate):

Asymmetrical Information
The Bidinotto Blog
Day by Day (the comic strip)
George Reisman's Blog
Little Green Footballs
Louisiana Political News
Mississippi Politics
Pajamas Media (beware: you could spend all day there.)
Power Line
Roger L. Simon
Rule of Reason
Stephan Kinsella

(I used to read Daily Kos, but I couldn't take it anymore. Now, I just scan the liberals at PJs Media instead.)

So, what else am I missing out there?

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