Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Sunday, April 23, 2006

Toadily funny

You can't make some of this stuff up, really, so I had to share.

We have two frogs (actually they're toads--Firebelly toads) that we bought to appease Dagny, who really wanted a cat but decided she was equally thrilled with toads (we don't like cats, sorry, and toads are an easy enough starter pet.). Cherry and Hopper live in a toad haven in Dagny's bedroom. Not particularly exciting creatures, they mostly hop, eat crickets and hide in the toad house until evening. They're nocturnal, but until recently, had never made a sound.

In the two weeks they've lived here, we haven't gotten much rain. Therefore, the nightly cacophony of singing frogs and toads in our backyard has been silent...until two days ago. I heard an odd chirping sound. I thought, "What are those crazy frogs [in the backyard] croaking about? It hasn't rained in over a week!" then forgot about it. About an hour later, I went into Dag's room to put in her nightly pre-bedtime DVD. As she made her selection, I heard it again. When I turned toward the sound, I caught them: Cherry and Hopper were mating.

It didn't look like a very friendly exchange. The female (formerly known as Hopper) had inflated her torso in an effort to loosen the grip of the amorous male (once named Cherry, but who knew? And who could tell anyway?? They've since traded names.). As she furiously chirped, "CALL 911!", he croaked like the amphibious equivalent to Pepe Le Pew, "Mon cherie, we can make beautiful music togetha. Mwah, mwah, mwah..."

Dagny asked, "WHAT are they DOING??"

I resisted the urge to say, "Their taxes, darling. Get back in the bed..." and went with a simple, "They're mating."

"What's mating?"

"They want to have baby frogs." [wincing as I realize my mistake too late.]


"No! We are not raising frogs in this house."

"Why not??"

"Because these toads (I remembered to say "toads" not "frogs") are from some place far away--not from here--so they need special care to lay eggs. Then they need more special care to grow from tadpoles to frogs. (pausing to reevaluate my words for simplicity that will pass 4-yr-old logic)...We just can't give them that kind of special care, so we can't raise baby toads."

"Well, you better tell Cherry and Hopper that."

If they lay eggs, we're making an omelet.

[note: The photo above is from the web. FBs have sensitive skin and secrete a mild toxin, so we don't handle them. But they're awfully cute, aren't they?]

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Coffee, anyone?

The 16th week of COH is up. Grab a cup and check it out.

Speaking of coffee, the Homeschool Cafe is open for business! Come on over. And be sure to tell Shannon what a fantastic job she did.