Friday, January 06, 2006

Space travel technology

Update: fixed link. (Singing: I get no kicks from free forms. Liability risk doesn't thrill me a bit...)

This is off-topic, but I get a charge out of these things:
The hypothetical device, which has been outlined in principle but is based on a controversial theory about the fabric of the universe, could potentially allow a spacecraft to travel to Mars in three hours and journey to a star 11 light years away in just 80 days, according to a report in today's New Scientist magazine.

The theoretical engine works by creating an intense magnetic field that, according to ideas first developed by the late scientist Burkhard Heim in the 1950s, would produce a gravitational field and result in thrust for a spacecraft.

Also, if a large enough magnetic field was created, the craft would slip into a different dimension, where the speed of light is faster, allowing incredible speeds to be reached. Switching off the magnetic field would result in the engine reappearing in our current dimension.
Can you imagine? How fast would that be (in layman's terms)? Anyone...Anyone...

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