Friday, January 06, 2006

Obligatory ID post

It's been a long time, but this is a must-read. Binswanger does a great job of dissecting the PA judge's decision as well as providing context and background for those less familiar with the ID debate. Binswanger notes:

By any rational standard, Darwin's theory of evolution is perfect. And "testability" is not the criterion of science. But kudos to the judge for putting his finger on the main issue: certainty without omniscience. The strategy of the ID movement is to argue for the injection of the irrational based solely on the (often spurious) claim that there are a few cases in which we don't yet know the full evolutionary story.

The argument of the ID people goes this way: we don't yet know how the bacteria's flagella evolved, therefore we don't know Darwin was right, therefore we can equate Darwin and the supernatural.

The judge's whole opinion is quite long, and so are my excerpts, but they are well worth reading: it is inspiring to see what an honest, clear-thinking individual can figure out.

Indeed. Check it out.

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