Friday, December 16, 2005

Letter to Sen. John Warner re HR 1815, Sect 522

Sen. Warner:

Good afternoon. My name is Natalie West Criss. I am the founder of a statewide inclusive homeschool network in Mississippi and have several concerns regarding Section 522 from HR 1815 that I'd like to share with you:

1. Homeschool graduates who desire to to so are already able to enter the military as preferred Tier 2 recruits (which is essentially the same as Tier 1). Therefore, Sect 522 is unnecessary.

2. The organization (Homeschool Legal Defense Association) that authored Sect 522 represents less than 5% of the total US homeschool population. It is not the voice of homeschooling America. Yet, it continues to push the issue of "military discrimination" and call for Sect. 522 despite an overwhelming appeal from the national homeschooling community to stop.

3. The branches of the military are each looking for different skills and qualifications in its potential recruits for the purpose of filling its needs, not exercising its biases. Leveling the playing field by creating a special class called "homeschoolers" would undermine the military's authority to recruit based on its needs.

4. Treating homeschoolers as a special class will eventually require a federal definition of who is and who isn't a homeschooler. This federal definition, despite its original purpose, could be used by other federal agencies to force homeschoolers to comply with regulations above and beyond those in our home states.

Please remove Section 522 from HR 1815.

Thank you for reading,
Natalie West Criss


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