Thursday, August 25, 2005

PS grads not ready for college

In an article from this week's EdWeek:

Even though more than 80 percent of the 80,000-plus high school students responding to a recent survey expect to go to college after graduation, far fewer are shouldering the kind of academic preparation they need to succeed there, the survey results suggest.

“I think our data give a wake-up call to high schools to say we need to make our courses more challenging,” said Martha M. McCarthy, the director of the High School Survey of Student Engagement, which is conducted every spring by Indiana University Bloomington. This year’s results were released Aug. 17.

Yeah, that's it. Make the classes harder. Give more homework. Brilliant! Wait. Scratch that. Apparently, classes aren't tough enough, but fault lies with the student. From another column in EdWeek:

One of the reasons for the disconnect between high school graduation and college readiness, the report by the Iowa City, Iowa-based ACT says, is that students aren’t taking the right curriculum to prepare them for college. Also, the available courses themselves may just not be rigorous enough, it suggests.

“The message does not seem to be getting through to students that if they want to go to college, they need to take more-rigorous courses,” Richard L. Ferguson, the chief executive officer of ACT, said while releasing the report during an online press conference.

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