Monday, August 22, 2005

Alive and kickin'

...and so has the whole house. Switch plates, phones, faucets and drawer pulls have been hosed down with antibacterial solution. Cushions have been sprayed with Lysol. Toothbrushes have been replaced. Bedding and sick clothes have been laundered (or burned). AND the ominous "Quarantined" sign has been removed. I'm kidding about the bonfire and the sign, but I do believe we're all going to live.

Over the last few weeks, we all ended up with something. Two days "after the conference" (aka ATC, a period of time during which I've been told lots of strange things can happen), I started going downhill with what I thought was a summer cold. Jack contracted a stomach virus which he passed to Dagny, whose unrelated "summer cold" developed into a super-strain of resistant sinus infection that didn't initially respond to antibiotics. Katie, as usual, didn't come down with anything but suffered frequent bouts of "get me outta here!" syndrome. Who can blame her after putting up with a bunch of moaning, groaning people who grunted demands at her constantly to fetch blankets, remote controls, the phone, tissue, etc. Mostly, she avoided us like the pun intended.

Post-recovery has been interesting. In a household that literally lives, learns and works together, the effects of recovering from a multi-member illness warrants a new entry into the journals of psychological phenomena: post-germatic-stress disorder. The guilt of letting so many things slide, from deadlines to homeschool to PEAK activities to housework to bloggage, has left me with the feeling that I've let people down. Yet, I've been so unmotivated. I think, "I really should [fill-in-the-blank]" and then I do nothing because (a) I'm still tired (b) I'm paralyzed by the sheer volume of things that could fill in that blank or (c) a previously missed episode of Good Eats is on. I'll get moving right after I take a nap/make another list/finish watching this show. I even have a lap desk with a cushy bottom, pencil holder and a flexible light so I can nap, scribble and click any time of day without getting off the couch (I'm an even bigger baby in person).

Well, I'm up! We outsourced the housework, laundry and yard, which I highly recommend when life gets crazy. I made and wrote belated thank-you notes to be mailed Monday right after I return library books. To get the homeschool wheels turning, we made pink play dough, took the telescope outside to view the moon, created a nature journal and started a science lab geared toward tracking and maintaining the nitogen cycle in Katie's new fish tank. Tuesday, PEAK is having a planning meeting. We're also planning a Not Going Back to School party in early September. I've cracked open my cookbooks so that I can get away from chicken nuggets, sandwiches, PopTarts and microwaved meals. The pantry and frig (which I cleaned out myself as I was too embarrassed to let "The Maids" do it) have been restocked. And, LOOK, I'm blogging!

On a scale of 100, I'm running now at about 85%. I have two days left of antibiotics, a recurring headache, and an unshakeable need for a long nap every afternoon. But, I'm finally off my duff crossing things off my lists. And the TV is off.

Thank you all for your thoughts, comments and emails.

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