Wednesday, July 20, 2005


[Aiyyeee! Sue the KMD photographer!]

"During a 45-minute presentation to the Mineral County Board of Education, Linda Marsh, Attendance Director/Drop-Out Prevention Specialist, gave an in-depth summary of attendance numbers throughout the county.

"I'm pleased we have cooperation from the courts and agencies," said Marsh. She added that other states don't have that privilege, don't have the same cooperation.

Part of Marsh's job is connected with the Department of Motor Vehicles."

Attendance is tied with getting and keeping a student's driving license*," said Marsh.There were 1,231 verifications of enrollment forms certified, four reinstatement authorization forms, 78 documentations for suspension and seven for hearing requests."


* and funding! MS's Director of Attendance gave a similar presentation justifying why she should not be canned shortly before unleashing a litany of anti-homeschool comments.

I don't know if homeschoolers in W. VA fall under the "supervision" of the Attendance Office (like we do) but the license requirement is the same in MS. In order for a homeschooler to get a license, he/she must fill out an attendance form (PDF) and have it notarized.

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