Thursday, July 14, 2005

That's nice. It's still not homeschooling.

According to this press release (it's really more like an ad), this "Home-School Technology" resulted in a "500-Point Turn-Around after Using Riverdeep's Destination Success(TM) at Home":
Looking for something that would turn things around for Kenneth, Henderson thought of courseware she was using with her high-school math students. "The district subscribes to Destination Math® and Destination Reading®, and we have access to it through the computer lab. I take my kids there at least once a week," Henderson said. Although her students naturally focus on Destination Math, she gives them time on Destination Reading as well -- and encourages them to use it at home. "Reading is a critical skill in math," Henderson said. "The math questions on the FCAT are written questions. If you can't comprehend what you've read, then you can't answer the question, even if you might know how to solve the formula."

Henderson had been impressed with way Destination Success' visual, step-by-step approach and real-world examples motivated her high-school students, and she thought it might help Kenneth, too. Because the district made the courseware available on the Internet, she knew she could log on at home. "I started using Riverdeep with him every night for at least thirty minutes," Henderson said. "That became part of our nightly routine." They usually split the time half and half between Destination Reading and Destination Math.

Sigh. Nevermind that the child was not pulled from school and registered as a homeschooler: If the district is using it in a high school lab, is it really Home-School Technology?

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