Wednesday, July 13, 2005

RR&R Post #100: WOO-HOO!

Far be it from me to waste this sacred space on homeschooling tragedy, injustice or stupidity. Let us celebrate this mile(blog)stone with SHOES!

These fine specimens are from Salvatore Ferragamo's 2005 Spring-Summer Collection. Their timeless, practical, elegant, understated and neutral beauty are solidly constructed in Florence (Italy) of natural and man-made materials...exactly like this blog which happens to be located just a few short miles from Florence (Mississippi).

Coincidence? I think not. Get your own.


[Note to new visitors: Natalie regularly celebrates momentous occasions such as personal and federal holidays, accomplishments, bad moods, bar mitzvahs, Spring equinox, hormonal fluctuations, etc., with shoe purchases. However, in an attempt to rein in the budget, she has taken to blogging rather than buying the appropriate shoe for the occasion. In keeping with budgetary constraints, all shoes blogged on RR&R are on sale. Links provided for those of you with no self control.]

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