Friday, July 01, 2005

Proud Mary

Since the link was posted in the comments, I don't feel so bad now. Read it and be amazed.
Mary Pride's past and her involvement a lawsuit a decade ago involving a now-defunct homeschooling publication landed in my inbox about a week ago. It is both disturbing and damning. I've chosen not to link to it specifically out of respect for the woman she sought to destroy, but instead thought I'd include this paragraph from emails she posted on AOL during that time:

In her posts, Pride went as far as to compare "remarried persons" to child molesters and serial murderers, concluding that, if one could forgive divorce and re-marriage, "you should be willing to have a child molester run the nursery and a serial murderer stand there with a knife in his hand slicing the bread for the fellowship meal."
This is a small excerpt from pages of articles, analyses, and court transcripts. After reading it, I consider Mary and her son, Ted, to be a pack of lions who feed on the lives of dissenters, rendering them weak by exposing their personal lives, wrecking their professional reputations, and destroying their livelihood in an attempt to kill their spirits in the name of her twisted brand of Christianity.

If I am granted permission to publish the link, I'll gladly do so. This is a story every homeschooler should read. Meanwhile, this should provide some perspective.

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