Sunday, July 31, 2005

Mississippi Homeschool Day 2005

It was great! I'm still giddy.

I posted something earlier today. However, while I was driving around town carting kids and groceries, I realized I didn't say enough about the sessions, there were people I didn't thank, several details I glossed internal perfectionist panicked, so I took it down.

I promise a full report with pictures and details within hours. Until then, I have to go. I'm currently obsessing about my unprotected, not-backed-up collection of digital photos.

(Is this what it's like to come down from the ATC high? I have this insatiable urge to reorganize our media cabinet ...alphabetically category ...with my new label-maker. Quick! GIVE ME A PURPOSE, something to do, a task to complete. [twitch. quirk. twitch].)

If you need me, I'll be burning CDs.

(...I wonder if placing embossed labels on the disc would be a bad idea...[twitch])

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