Friday, July 08, 2005

Mental Health Daze

Google the phrase "mandatory mental health screening" (hereafter MMHS) and you'll be deluged with blog posts, articles, and op-eds. Most are against it. Several are for it. A few are ambivalent because they think we homeschoolers aren't affected.

In an ongoing series at News with Views* called Mental Health, Education, and Social Control, Dennis L. Cuddy, PhD attempts to trace the roots of MMHS back to the 1940s and the corruption to the doorstep of the pharmaceutical industry. I have not read the whole series, but what appeals to me so far is Cuddy's relentless resource citation obsession (I like sources) and his apparent lean toward free market solutions as opposed to preventive legislation.

With all this information scattered across this 15-part series, what can we do? Nancy Levant has a few suggestions. So does Devvy Kidd.

*For those who read with religious rhetoric goggles on, I am not familiar with exactly what "views" are used to analyze the "news". There is no "About Us" information, but a cursory scan through the site reveals a strong Christian right world view. Beyond the calls for prayer and scripture references, the meat of the series seems solid enough. If you get through it, let me know what you think.

HT: Annette Jurczak

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