Thursday, July 14, 2005


Starts off innocently enough. A group of parents wants to start a free, non-religious charter school. They attempt to justify their idea by citing the opportunity to provide another educational alternative in the district, their intent to utilize a curriculum that will fill in or prevent the gaps in knowledge children acquire in public school, restore integrity and rigor to learning by thinking outside the box and other such warm fuzzy treats. Sounds lovely.

However, the school is tuition-free because it is funded by the district, hence these are public school children.

The curricula are pre-approved by the state, through which all things are possible.

They somehow try (but fail) to sell the idea that this is good for the district because:
"...the charter school will be attractive to parents who home-school their children, or put them in out-of-district schools."
you don't fool me...

Charter schools are not private schools OR home schools.

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