Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Homeschooling demands of a prodigy

As disorganized, frustrated, and overwhelmed as many of us may feel on our worst days, can you imagine the rigors of homeschooling a 9-year-old child genius (links to video footage) or 6-year-old musical prodigy?

I wonder what Warner would make of these mothers. In particular, Marc's mother, Chloe, seems a bit issue-y. There is another version this article, but neither is particularly flattering to her. However, like reality tv, eccentricity is often achieved through creative editing, resulting in a much more interesting plot. On his website (set up with the purpose of securing a benefactor), there is a scan of yet another article that is kinder to Chloe. Neither the LA Times piece or Chicago Tribune article is mentioned. I point this out only because I wonder if she was treated fairly.

Paige's mother seems to be handling her daughter's varied interests well by providing her with a wide variety of stimuli (or maybe she had a better editor). Paige recently gave a 6 hour presentation on saving sharks. No doubt, both children are driven and enjoy the attention their unique abilities, but it's not without its drawbacks:
Marc knows that when he performs, most listeners are bowled over, and he expects attention. At a friend's party, Marc jumped on the piano amid the din of 35 people chatting. He angrily stopped when the talking didn't and ran into the backyard. When Chloe reached him, tears filled his eyes.

It's a party, not a concert hall.

It's music, they shouldn't talk.

Paige is currently homeschooled (unschooled, specifically) and Marc will begin home education this fall.

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