Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Hey, batterbatterbatterbatter--SWING!!

I admit that until the Mississippi Braves moved to Pearl (just up the road from here), I couldn't care less about the boys of summer. That's not a raving endorsement. You can't help but notice a team that got whooped by the Montgomery Biscuits! However, this got my attention so maybe I need to switch to college ball:

Although playing for the Memphis Tigers during the summer has been a tremendous help as far as getting his name out to college recruiters, being home-schooled would normally hurt him as far as having a team to play with during the spring. However, his dad and a few other people did something about that.

"My freshman year we started a home school team," said the southpaw. "My dad had a lot to do with that just so that I would have a place to play. It's not nearly as competitive as what I'm doing in the summer, but it was a place to play. We've developed over the last couple of years into a decent team."

Apparently, he's developed into a decent player. LHP Tyler Whitney is being recruited by both the big schools in Mississippi and has caught the eye of several others, including LSU (My money's on Ole Miss: Great school. Great town. Great team. And close to Momma.). I enjoy reading positive stories about people who make things happen.

See? We don't need no stinkin' g-school ball...

TC: Daryl

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