Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Counting sheeples

Jeanne said, "Reminds me of how cyber school corporations (and the gov't) perpetuate the idea that parents need 'experts' and 'curriculum' that must somehow be unavailable to them without paying lotsa dough for 'professionals' to help them."

So now we have people who will develop a "sleep plan" for your child:

We believe that a person's emotional response to parenthood and their child's developmental needs require equal attention. Parenting is too important a job to take on alone [emphasis mine]. The Soho Parenting Center is a place where each family member can receive the support, insight and companionship essential to a more fulfilling family life.

The Soho Parenting Center provides a variety of services to meet these needs. Parents who have become part of our circle feel that their involvement in our center has helped them to share their joy, tolerate their confusion, understand change, ease their loneliness and express love.

Caused from, what, being a parent?? The poor things.

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