Thursday, July 07, 2005

Can I see some ID?

In an informal interview process, TNR asked several conservative talking heads about their personal beliefs regarding evolution, intelligent design and whether/how evolution should be taught in public schools. Here's one:

William Buckley, National Review
Whether he personally believes in evolution: "Yes."
What he thinks of intelligent design: "I'd have to write that down. ... I'd have to say something more carefully than I can over the telephone. I'm a Christian."
Whether schools should raise the possibility that the original genetic code was written by an intelligent designer: "Well, surely, yeah, absolutely."
Whether schools should raise the possibility--but not in biology classes--that man was created by God in his present form? : "Yes, sure, absolutely."
Which classes that should be discussed in: "History, etymology."

[Etymology? How so? Via the Tower of Babel? Help me out. I fail to see how the origins of words and language would lend credibility to intelligent design...]

Others include William Kristol, The Weekly Standard; David Frum, American Enterprise Institute and National Review; Jonah Goldberg, National Review; and of course, Pat Buchanan

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