Thursday, July 28, 2005

Attention book-loving homeschoolers:

There's a new place online that combines the love of reading with light and humorous commentary and delicious homeschooling snark (much of which is for sale in her storefront. Look! Here's a T-shirt for Daryl-->).

To say that Deborah Markus loves books is truly an understatement. At her new site, Words On Us, she writes about why she owns multiple copies of her favorite reads, the virtues of used books, fulfilling literary obsessions, and other indulgences, including this telling snip from her local library sale adventures:
"I leave these sales when not only has it become painfully obvious to me that I can't carry any more books, even in my teeth, but when those around me are moved to offers of help. Then and only then do I stagger over to the tally-up table. Ahead of me today was a man holding a good selection, including one volume I had considered and ultimately left behind. I resisted the urge to snatch the book indignantly out of his hands and demand to know who the hell he thought he was."

Fellow bibliophiles will also find the infamous recipe for Deborah's Killer Brownies (published here first, folks!) as well as the proper ingredients necessary to create a book club for adults. Deborah also offers tips and topics for getting the most from library-sponsored children's book clubs. As you may suspect, she is active in all of these (both brownie and book club consumption).

Deborah's style is disarming and engaging much like (and I almost hate to say this, knowing the comparison has certainly been made before:) an irreverent Kathleen/Meg Ryan from You've Got Mail. She is The Book Lady. Her vast knowledge and specific recall of books is astounding, really, but without all the high-brow, pseudo-intellectualized blather. She wants to read, absorb and share; not intimidate. Well, mostly.

Click on over and visit the only place on the web where you can find a detailed book list for introducing your children to Royalty and the Middle Ages AND pick up a "Yes I homeschool and No I am not a right-wing religious nut" bumper sticker and T-shirt.

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