Thursday, June 30, 2005

PWC Coverage in the Capital

From the Washington Post:

"Prince William has had a 20-year history of being punitive toward home-schoolers. We feel like this board is very responsive to the community," said Shay Seaborne of Woodbridge, founder of the local home-school group Family Oriented Learning Cooperative (FOLC). "We've built a bridge of respect and understanding."

"If there is any single group that has benefited since Jan. 1, 2004, it's been home-schoolers," School Board member Grant Lattin (Occoquan) said. "Many of the people who are new to the board ran to ensure that parents are given as much latitude as possible in school choice. The previous board did not support home-schoolers. But we underestimated how sensitive this was to home-schoolers. Parents were offended that they had to jump through hoops."

Positive coverage in the Post. Way to go. Shay and Amy, you two must be PR geniuses, because I keep waiting for the voice of educratic dissent to speak up. Has there been any negative press or rumblings behind the scenes that you are aware of?

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Syntone said...

Nothing negative at all. Although partial enrollment numbers have been low since Prince William Public Schools policy began allowing it, word is that everyone involved is happy: teachers, parents, principals, studends, school board.
The latest news: this summer PWCS school board approved homeschooler and private schooler access to extra-curricular activities--on its own volition, thanks to board member Don Richardson, who felt it was fair and reasonable. The motion to allow this new level of access was approved unanimously.