Friday, June 24, 2005

The Mui Mui shui for YUI!

Sometimes, these things take time, but I have finally found the perfect shoe to commemorate the Victory in VA.

Definitely not the ho-hum lace-up of our daily homeschool uniforms, these sweeties don't exactly coordinate with denim jumpers. But who needs another pair of sneakers?? A special occasion calls for a special shoe!

These patent leather slides feature side studs and a base reminiscent of our generation's favorite Candies. However, the leather flower detailing, leather sole and manufacturing facility in Italy are all Prada.

A year and a half of work, a last minute crisis averted and, at long last, VICTORY. This extraordinary selection is well-constructed, versatile, fast on your feet, classy, sassy and bold. Just like you, PWC Coalition.

(For the rest of us, they're on sale at 25% off for only $232.87. Eat your heart out.)


[Note to new visitors: Natalie regularly celebrates momentous occasions such as personal and federal holidays, accomplishments, bad moods, bar mitzvahs, Spring equinox, hormonal fluctuations, etc,. with shoe purchases. However, in an attempt to rein in the budget, she has taken to blogging rather than buying the appropriate shoe for the occasion. In keeping with budgetary constraints, all shoes blogged on RR&R are on sale. Links provided for those of you with no self control.]

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