Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Karen Slovak's Cottage School

I know that I promised some local folks a good, hard blogpost on my friend, Karen, and the recent article featuring her education services. As a was writing it, a thought occurred to me: This would be a great editorial for my MS Biz column in the Metro Business Chronicle. She's a businesswoman in the Metro area with an interesting story. Plus, I just happen to have a relevant opinion (or two) I'm dying to share. That far exceeds my criteria, so I'm going to "blog" it there, then blog it here.

I'll also be sharing a few opinions at RR&R that won't make it in the MBC editorial, because I promised my husband (my editor and boss :p) I would not turn my column into a homeschooling rant-apolooza. When we put this issue to bed, I'll crosspost the link.

Until then, thanks for being patient.

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