Monday, June 20, 2005

HSLDA on Prince William County, VA

Now, apparently, HSLDA thought that policy change appeared there all by itself and was unaware of a year's worth of local if they were dealing with a charitable school board that just UP and decided "You know, that 'approval before removal' policy really is unfair...Maybe we've been a little hard on homeschoolers in PWC! Let's change it!"...??

Since this is the second time a group of local homeschoolers has successfully lobbied for change in PWC without HSLDA assistance, and considering the potentially negative effects of HSLDA's current interference, do you think those member families will call HSLDA next time?

This makes me think of that Capital One credit card commercial:
"Never fear! UNderdog is--"

What's in YOUR wallet?
[Hint: Not an HSLDA membership card]

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