Wednesday, June 22, 2005

"How often does your 6th-grade daughter have oral sex?"

I've read about this elsewhere, but I came across this thorough piece by Wendy McElroy on the YRBSS questionaire today. A few snips:

When Mark Fisher protested quizzing his 12-year-old daughter about oral sex (among other topics), the school authorities asserted their right to gather such information without his consent.

The questionnaire is not limited to Massachusetts; it is nationwide. And the 'problem' is not the gathering of information but the denial of parental rights and reasonable concerns.

McElroy lists several things parents can do protect their children. My favorite quote:
My immediate solution is to remove your child from the public school system and homeschool, if possible. (The long-term solution is to privatize education.)

Hat tip: Terri

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Siobhan said...

Hmmm. While I don't agree that these questions are in any way appropriate, Wendy McElroy also believes that prostitute or porn star is a valid career choice for young women. Less iFeminist, more anti-feminist, in my view.