Sunday, June 12, 2005


This is just another example of how floundering school districts wish to cash in on homeschoolers.
According to RE-1 Executive Secretary Rebekah Schneider, there are 75 students in the district registered as home school students. Because school districts receive funding based on the number of students enrolled, home schooled students represent money the district does not receive.

Sides says it's still not a valid criticism. "When you have a $1 million shortfall, not only are we not the reason for it, we're not the answer to it," Sides said.
See? G-schools are not concerned with providing a solid education for America's future generations. It's about getting out of the red. And then there's this little gem:

Fleharty and Sides also warn against a newer version of home schooling - government-funded "enrichment programs" where parents teach their children at home using curriculum provided by the government.

They claim those are not true home schoolers because the students are counted as public school students and - most importantly - the parents are not choosing the curriculum.

And there's more where that came from.

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