Saturday, June 25, 2005

Elusive inclusivity

Homeschool World and LIFE, Inc of FL recently decided to part ways when HW's Theodore Pride took issue with LIFE's listing on HW's groups page. The item that concerned him was the level of LIFE's inclusivity described in this paragraph from LIFE's site:
"LIFE Inc. welcomes all educators and students regardless of religion, race, teaching style, politics, marital status, age or sexual orientation. LIFE Inc. support groups respect and honor diversity in home and alternative learning and support the freedom of all individual families to choose the educational
lifestyle that suits each best."
LIFE's controversial inclusion of [whispering] sexual orientation elicited this response from Mr. Pride:
I'm afraid that specifically listing sexual orientation as one of the categories you don't discriminate on is too overt for a listing on our web site. Not discriminating on sexual orientation basically means discriminating against most major religions, since the two are mutually exclusive.
Terri of LIFE defended her group and held her ground:
Our members share homeschooling and alternative education interests in common, and their personal faiths and lifestyles are just that: personal -- and are not the point of the support and networking we offer. People are all welcome to come together to find others with whom they share educational interests at various levels, and there's a better chance of finding like minded friends and associates when all are welcome."
They mutually agreed to remove LIFE from the group page. While Homeschool World and Mr. Pride are certainly free to set forth rules limiting which groups to list, there is no policy, statement or checklist of eligibility on HW's site stating that such an exclusionary process exists. So... it's a SURPRISE! Or a secret?

As a result, a national directory of really, truly, honest to goodness inclusive groups has been created by the folks (including Terri) at HUUmans on the Web. Feel free to visit and list your unabashed inclusive support.

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