Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Congratulations PW County!

Via Shay Seaborne:

Thanks to local grassroots action, homeschoolers in Prince William County, Virginia are no longer burdened by the onerous "approval before removal" requirement. At tonight's school board meeting, board members voted 6-2 in favor of removing the offensive language from its current homeschool regulation. This leaves us with a regulation that is fully in line with state law. The coalition is gratified that after 1½ years of bridge building, we won the majority of the board to enthusiastic support.

One board member, who stated, "We need to get these obstacles out of the way and support our homeschool parents," even hugged a member of the coalition after the formal session ended. Most other board members' comments expressed support for the homeschooling community and frustration that the issue has dragged out this long.

Local homeschoolers and members of the PWCS board were taken by surprise by HSLDA's sudden and unsolicited involvement in this local issue. However, the national organization's actions did help to limit the changes to the current regulation solely to removal of the offensive clause, without the addition of any potentially problematic wording.


As a token of thanks, Ms. Seaborne presented the board and superintendent with a basket of cookies baked by herself and her children. This brought broad smiles of thanks.

Heart, passion, diplomacy AND cookies?? That school board didn't stand a chance. I knew it all along...


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