Friday, May 13, 2005

Texas Teacher is Fed Up

And who can blame her? Just another example of the tragic results of incentive-based testing.
I challenge any administrator, teacher, parent, editor of any published material to come into a class, sit all day long with nothing but a restroom break, a 30 minute lunch break with no recess time, attend to the test and pass it! These children are 10 years old. Research shows us that developmentally, they can attend to a task no longer than 15 minutes. After that period of time, their minds are on some other task, play time, Mom, Dad, or friends. Some who are very bright have been "trained" to attend...I'm asking the public...Can't we do something to
stop this?
No wonder students in Texas are rebelling (login info-- email: password: homeschoo!).

Hat tip: The Other Mother

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