Monday, May 23, 2005

Life Happenings...

Last week, while dining with my husband, I started to forego my usual entree just so I could exclaim, "I'll have the filet, buster!" Needless to say, the fight in the Senate remains top of mind. Other than escalating reports of "Here it comes!" followed by recycled information, there isn't much to report except that, once again, it seems to be coming to a head.

The inclusive PEAK Homeschool Network of Mississippi has sprouted another branch in the Golden Triangle, bringing us to a total of five groups (Midsouth, Tupelo, Triangle, Jackson, and the Gulf Coast) , not including the statewide legal forum. That's exciting considering that we were born in August. I must take full credit for its growth, because I have an uncanny ability to stay out of the way of naturally talented people, a knack for laying low, and a general aversion for being called "THE LEADER." Others call this lazy. I call it decentralization.

The weather has been lovely (90+ and humid...Aaah, spring) with just enough rain to soften the soil create that radiating steam sauna effect. I've been escavating the flowerbeds in the backyard, which haven't been worked in at least 5 years. I hate landscape cloth, particularly when it is buried under thriving colonies of weeds growing in 4 inches of decayed mulch. However, the end result will be beautiful and my skin looks great.

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