Friday, May 13, 2005

I'm just a poll and I'm sittin' at the State Capitol

But if things go my way
I just might be some day
...A bill

[my profound apologies to SchoolHouse Rock]

I know, it's just a poll. An unscientific on, at that. However, this one is on the TN Gov's blog page and asks if preschool should be "expanded" (read "mandatory"). Of course, my vote is no but the results show 58% in favor of mandatory preschool.

For those of you in MS, our officials watch the events in border states. Last session, MS legislatures introduced measures to prohibit parents from pulling their children from kindergarten during the school year, make kindergarten mandatory (effectively lowering the compulsory age to 5), move the 6-by birthday to January 1 or then to August 1 and other such items aimed at getting and keeping our kids on the school radar sooner and longer. Fortunately, these all died in committee this year, but many states signed bills lowering the compulsory school age to 3.

It's worth keeping an eye on what's going on around us.

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