Saturday, April 02, 2005

Out of Play

This article (among many other things) makes me so glad that we chose to homeschool.

Pardon me while I abandon my usual format to endulge in some random memories of recess:

Sitting in a patch of clovers making flower chains and running from bees (I taught Dagny how to do that two weeks ago...both linking flowers and running from bees)

Navigating the monkey bars, then licking the soar spots on my hands (oblivious to the colonies of germs setting up house in the crevaces of my skin...eeew.)

Arguing with my best friend, Anita Benton, in 4th grade and walking passed her on the playground as I mocked her by saying "What's wrong, Anita? You look like you lost your best friend." That was so mean. I don't remember, but I'm sure I apologized because we were close until 6th (then she hit a growth spurt and became a basketball superstar and joined the popular group much to my vertically challenged dismay...who's cryin' now, huh?? ).

Playing kiss-chase with our group's one and only guy regular...who I'm now certain is/was gay...(name know, just in case)

Nearly dying of full-blown mortification when Ken Coker, a guy I thought was both cute AND smart, said quietly (as he was sincerely trying to warn me) "People can see your Wonder Woman underroos through that sweater" while we were lining up to go back inside.

Laughing at the antics of Johnny Taylor and Erich Holmes, the two perpetually bad boys, from 3rd grade through 9th (btw, Johnny took me to my first Valentine's Banquet in 6th grade...I was always a sucker for the bad glad I married a good one!)

Informing a boy whose hand was bleeding from a pencil lead inflicted wound that the reason his blood was blue was because it was from a vein, the logic being that unoxygenated blood is blue (like in the science text diagrams). Nevermind that (among other flaws) the blood was exposed to air in the great outdoors when it erupted to the surface. I always was quite the scientist. :p

Running to school with a 2nd grade classmate (Quincy) and arguing with the whole time about the differences between "early" and "late" (he was right, I had it backwards). I finally yelled, "Which ever one it is, we're IT!"

Doing cartwheels all the way around the perimeter of the playground nonstop.

Telling a random girl from the high school "that boy over there with the yellow hair is my boyfriend." I said "yellow" instead of "blonde" because I had just learned what "blonde" meant and was afraid she didn't know yet.

Sticking up for my friend, Denea Rogers (my first best friend in 1st and 2nd grade), when this evil girl named Carmen made fun of her. Then telling Denea a few weeks later that we were moving away. We sat under a tree and cried.

I wonder what ever happened to all those people. And why is it that I can remember all these names but can't recall what I wore two days ago??

(If this has you walking down memory lane, leave a comment with a memory from recess. This was fun!)

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