Saturday, April 09, 2005

Daytime curfew affects MS homeschoolers

Latest News: Petal's Board of Aldermen have revised the curfew ordinance to exclude homeschoolers...sort of.

The amendment more clearly defines which students are bound by the curfew according to state law. The ordinance previously said that all minors could not be in a public place during school hours. The amendment says that minors enrolled in a non-public school may be in public if they are engaged in activities under the direction of a parent or guardian.

That last sentence means they're not exempt and must be supervised...even if, say, your 16-year-old homeschools at night and holds a part-time job or volunteers during the day? Considering that the number of homeschoolers (heck, the number of people, period) in Petal, MS amounts to a very small percentage, making such an incident far less likely than in, say, the Jackson Metro area, that possibility still exists. Just call it what it is: A restriction.

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