Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Mrs. Robinson, are you trying to...elude me?

At long last, Charles Webb, author of The Graduate, has penned the sequel The Graduate II: Home School. Interestingly, the plot is centered on Benjamin Braddock's choice to homeschool his two children.

Don't get too excited, though. Citing his lack of control over the film version (the current owners of the film and theatrical rights have rejected the author's overtures) Webb's response to The Observer regarding the sequel's release is the equivalent to "over my dead body." The novel will not be published until after his death. Read on:

"Webb, a Californian hippy now living a frugal existence in Hove, East Sussex, drew from his own experiences in both The Graduate and its sequel...Home School owes its inspiration to Webb and his partner's decision to take their own children out of school and teach them at home, an illegal act which left them on the run from the US authorities and seeking refuge by running nudist camps.

It is this unorthodox subject matter which causes Webb to fear that a film version would wreck the integrity of his creation. 'There's never been a film before about a family that home educates its kids. Very few people in the movie world have had that experience, so I don't think it's a subject that would be treated objectively. It's a runaway, underground, counter-culture kind of thing - that's why it hasn't been done.' "

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