Wednesday, March 30, 2005

But that's good, right?

In this excellent article at AHA, Jeanne Faulconer warns against the effects of positive stereotypes on homeschoolers. Regarding the oft-repeated factoid that homeschoolers perform better on standardized test, she says:

"Many people have not thought about why participating in testing can be especially negative for homeschoolers. Besides impacting some children with the testing itself, participating in testing programs can actually “drive” curriculum. Just like the schools that do “test prep,” homeschool families may have to concentrate on certain subjects at certain times so children can perform on certain tests...By encouraging test results to be seen as a primary indicator of homeschooling success, we jeopardize our future freedom to teach according to our children’s learning styles and interests or their own developmental pace."

Here are more articles by Jeanne, a formerly VA, now MS homeschooling mom.

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